September New moon in Libra

September New moon in Libra



Repeated themes of devotion to our sacred gift and bringing that gift into alignment with the cosmic order are present at this time.  Exploring notions of right relationship are high on the priority.  A real need for honesty with who and what we devote our time and energy to and how these people and things nourish our sacred gift, if at all.  Also a deep honesty with self is alive at the moment.  What is deep in the subconscious?  What can we bring to the surface with detached self evaluation? We are being asked to do the work of SHINING the light on what inhibits us from being in our truth and aligned with our sacred gift.  There is a beautiful theme of attraction and abundance, with a clear reminder that this needs to be in alignment with divine will. “I will to will thy will” .  See things for what they truly are.  Recognise the truth in every situation and open your listening to the high self frequency.  It’s time to earth disharmony, let it land, let it be dissipated by truth and the breath of awareness… Fears will come up, stuff will arise and descend,  but HARNESS your thoughts, stand in your power and illuminate the fear, allowing oneself to be liberated from any hold fear has had over you.  

This is not an easy time, but if we can hold the wisdom of the present moment, hold the deep truth of how our resistances are shaping us, then we can acknowledge the value of ALL the different parts of oneself and achieve harmony and balance.

We have access to mastery NOW, lets embody this and ground it in!


Anchoring in:  Acceptance, Attraction and New endeavours.


Experiencing the challenge of:

Balanced self expression – Da – (pevishness)

Detached objectivity – Na – (blind attachemen)

To expand the mind beyond current boundries –SHa-  (Psychic Longings)


Mantra     Da – Na- sha.


These are the sanskrit tones that invoke the lessons that demand the integrity of the vitue to come forward.  Note each has the end tone -A- which is the first tone of creation and appeared in the last full moon reading, (see youtube video, Full moon – August 2016)


Assistance for the mineral kingdom


Fire Opal.

Blood stone.  


Assistance from plant kingdom



Horse chestnut.

Jim Brandenburg



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