Yarrow Prt ii

Yarrow has had some bad press, the devils plaything, bad mans plaything.  i wonder if this is a name given because of its use by pagans, herbalists or occult members, probably, and yet again how lame.  It is said to strengthen ‘the sight’ so is good for clairvoyance brews.  From what I can understand it is the herb for  DIVINATION.  I am of course growing not as we speak, a new addition to my garden I await to see hoe it goes.  Purchased as Archillia not named at all as Yarrow.  I also have seeds, so will cast them near and far in the hopes of creating more ‘good’ weeds on the farm.

Yarrow is good in compost, it helps it breakdown.  Yarrow is also a champion companion plant as it strengthens other plants and attract lady bugs which eat aphids.

Yarrow also contains fairly high amounts of selenium, potassium, vitamins A, C, E, F and K.  Having a variety of effects on the body, Yarrow is believed to alleviate inflammation, reduce fevers, stimulate the appetite and encourage sweating, thus expelling toxins from the body.

Yarrow’s astringent properties are especially helpful in stopping nosebleeds, excessive menstruation and diarrhea.  Yarrow is also thought to relieve muscle spasms, arthritis and indigestion. Yarrow helps to relax peripheral blood vessels, thereby helping to improve circulation.

The lore around it is that the great Greek soldier Achilles took it with him into battle and used it to heal wounded soldiers.


Great for Healers Who Are Vulnerable to Negative Energy, a “Shining Shield of Light”
As the soul becomes more spiritually open, it necessarily becomes more refined, sensitive, and absorbent. In the past, many of those on spiritual paths were removed and protected from the daily conditions of living, so that the soul could safely and harmoniously expand its boundaries. Modern conditions requires that the path of spirtualization be connected to the physical world and to practical responsibilities. In this way, the light of the spirit is brought through the human soul right into the Earth a a healing force. Yarrow is a very important and highly beneficial remedy to harmonize this process. Those who typically need this remedy are easily affected by their surroundings, and can be prone to many forms of environmental illness, allergies, or psychosomatic diseases. Such persons have an extraordinary capacity for healing, counseling, or teaching, because they are readily able to receive psychic information and to understand the pain and suffering of others. At the same time they are easily depleted, and are quite vulnerable to the thoughts or negative intentions of others.
Yarrow literally “knits together” the overly porous aura of such an individual so that it does not “bleed” so excessively into its environment. Furthermore, it helps such a person re-balance and stabilize the abundant light which radiates in the upper energy centers, directing it into the lower centers so that the Self has more vitality and solidity. Yarrow flower essence has nearly universal application, and should be considered in many formulas for the profound soul shifts of our age. Yarrow bestows a shining shield of Light which protects and unifies the essential Self, allowing compassionate healing qualities to flow freely form one’s soul to others.

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