USE IN MAGIC: Protection, Prophetic dreams, Legal matters, Psychic powers

      – picked at noon when the sun is strongest, will strengthen and comfort the heart
      – hung over doors to prevent evil from entering
      – scattered under bed to protect during sleep
      – make dreams come true
      – help you dream the identity of one who has robbed you
      – added to bath water to win respect and admiration
      – carried in pocket to help win justice in legal matters
      – if a girl touches the petals of marigold with bare feet, she will understand the language of the birds
      – looking at the flowers strengthens the heart
      – oil (made by maceration) or an incense of the petals is used in consecrating magical tools
      – often used in rituals to honour the Goddess, and especially at Beltane
      – blossoms collected when the Moon is in Virgo may help you have visions of those who have robbed you ro wish to harm you.
        – an infusion with marjoram, thume, and absinthe may help you to visions of your beloved


    Calendula has a long history of use as a wound-healing and skin-soothing botanical. This lovely marigoldlike flower (although called pot marigold, it is not a true marigold) is considered a vulnerary agent, a substance that promotes healing. Calendula also has anti-inflammatory and weak antimicrobial activity. It is most often used topically for lacerations, abrasions, and skin infections; less commonly, it is used internally to heal inflamed and infected mucous membranes.


    -helps one feel the joy of doing one’s lifework
    -helps one recognise the comfort and security of knowing we are all given all the talents we need.

    “I experience the pure joy of knowing I am all I need to be.”


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