Im Anneliese, ‘she is a dandelion full of wishes’. I am an open book. Welcome to my offering of deep ancestral earth magic. I hold your liberation higher than all else. Sister, brother let us be free.

What People Say

‘I absolutely love the oil thank you. and also it appears to be working.’ 

Frances McKee

‘I was walking in the waitakeres yesterday and smelled this lovely forest smell, and thought where have I smelt that before… hahahahaha it was my spray Druid’s Brew – you have captured the forest in a bottle.’

 J Pope – Auckland

‘I tried out the oil yesterday, what I did was had a shower, relaxed and then sat down with the oils, in the end, I ended up burning a few drops and putting some on myself as well, I wrote what i wanted and then anointed that paper than burned it. The oils were awesome as, after putting it on, I felt so relaxed, my shoulders were sore but after the oil, I have had no pain nor does it feel as heavy as it did before, I slept like a baby last night and haven’t done than in ages. THANK you  

G Maharaj 

Let’s create magic together.

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