Movement to a new world

My dearest family of the future,

I write to you from what only can be seen as the bottom of human decline, the height of fear, stupidity and corruption. Its 2016 years after the birth of the Christ. This is a time of unbelievable sadness, the collective pain body of the world is so torturous that most people have shut down their abilities to feel and communicate with each other and our planet.


Dear ones believe me when I say in the face of these apocalypses the new consciousness is seeding, brave hearts that refuse turn from the problem have chosen LOVE as the weapon to stand against this base state of gross opulence. In a time of planned obsolescence we choosing to participate in energies that have a sustaining life giving quality, we are choosing to nourish each other with truth and are seeking personal clarity and mastery above all else.


From the end of the world, the place where we have felt and witnessed total despair and ruin we are choosing to walk toward you with open hearts, minds and arms. We are choosing to connect our deep human love and identification with the being Gaia (Mother Earth) and all her children. We are reaching into stars beyond the fowl stench of our greed, and we are shining pure love and light to all aspects of creation. We are dreaming into void and waking up to our unlimited creative potential…


Beloved family of the future we are coming to you, feel us and hold the vibration of love for us. We need you to co-crate this ‘now’ into a massive transformative era of consciousness. Thank you, I feel you feeling me though all aspects of time, we are coming. Thank you.


And to those ‘holding it down’ in THIS NOW I am deeply in gratitude for your strength, grace, bravery, determination and light. I know its hard, but TRUST beyond all your fear and doubts, we are changing the world with the acceptance of our power and commitment to truth and love. Thank you with all my heart.


Yours Sincerely

The one with a name who chooses to be called all.

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