As I cut up this years harvest of Cleavers I am truely thankful for meeting this herb.  As I type there is a pot on the oven steeping the benefits for my before time cuppa.  Cleavers is your ‘a type’, classic weed.  But like my other weedy friends she is a darling.

She clears the Lymphs,

thins the blood,

suppresses appetite,

detoxs cancer

and is wonderful for skin complaints…. An infusion of the herb has shown of benefit in the treatment of glandular fever, tonsilitis, hepatitis and cystitis. The infusion is also used to treat liver, bladder and urinary problems.

Sound familiar? Yes she is A panacea.   Tonight Im doing a special bath mix of Cleavers, Kawa Kawa and Clover.

Energetically she helps clear obstacles, untie knotted tangled relationships and helps spark in the optimism needed for change.

NOT FOR LADYS UP THE DUFF! (but bless your soul)

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