Fire Spell

Fire fire burning bright,

turn my darkness into light

Take away bad luck and ill,

and bring me nothing but good will.

Badluck came and stayed too long,

begone forever, begone, begone!

With this fire burning bright,

bring me good luck bring me light.

So be it.

Element of fire, corner stone of creation,

i salute your place, hold your station.

Deep within the darkened spiral,

the divine spark lives through every trial.

Let my journey in be bold,

in loves trusting embrace i am held.

Until I meet the the central glow,

let my light shine for where others must go.

fire fire burning bright

lend your power to my unique light

So in every situation I will be alright.

Breath and grow,

Shine and show.

So be it, So be it, So be it

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