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Walk with Anneliese

Walk with me, your sister, hand in hand, toward your soul’s true purpose. I can’t do the work for you, but I can show up for you, hold the safe space you need to explore and uncover truer versions of who you are. I can point the way toward home and delight with you in every step you take.

For you, I want liberation and peace.

If walking with other souls (The Lunar Trip) feels too intimidating or you don’t really want to learn the tarot so much as you need guidance and new frameworks for transformation, Im here for you. This is an invitation into the deepest realms of healing, what you need at this moment to restore health and well-being into the deep knowing of connectedness with all there is.

What I ask from you is commitment. Commitment to show up time and time again, to be uncomfortable and brave. This work is hard, but what works on this earth isn’t? What long-lasting results are won in an easy manner? None! And yet, and yet… This journey can be fun and interesting and so very rewarding.

The Lunar trip dual experience.

Like the Luna trip, this is a month-long experience and is a very consistent and deep way to work with the tarot. I only guide a handful of people in this capacity per month as my energetic commitment to your needs is to be protected and sustainable. I will hold you by consciously connecting with you every morning in prayer and I will meet you every week to plot, plan and hold you accountable where you feel you need loving support.

What this experience looks like:

This is a month-long journey of guidance and support with the keys of the tarot offering the framework for you to unravel and demystify where you are and why you are here… and Im with you the whole way, inviting you into contemplation and modalities to embody your experience and digest the things that are holding you back. This is an invitation to feel your life in your bones and find liberation and freedom. This is a gift.

A lunar trip offers you

  • A personalised reading for the month: A five-card spread offering a card for each phase of the lunar cycle. ( I will teach you what that means as we go along)
  • 5 online support sessions: Here is the gold, here you can start reflecting with me and build your personal tool kit for the month we use the tarot to help you understand how you are manifesting your life and how you can continue to choose to turn up the volume on things that you wish to master, or release.
  • Support sessions look at what you are choosing and help you hone your focus. We work with various modalities depending on your curiosity. We can use Archetypes to blow away delusions or illusions that are keeping us stuck in the mind-created ego. This type of work is playful and fun, it’s like playing dress up! But don’t be fooled, it is a very serious tool and has huge potential outcomes. You may like to try the Somatic Release Practice: This is the devouring, digesting and dissolving of outdated thought forms, undigested experiences and traumas that are locked into the body. This is a mediation and focus process and is by far one of the coolest modalities of clearing past trauma Ive come across, Id love to share it with you and help you understand how you can burn away limiting beliefs. Statement of intent work helps us align and choose our reality. Choices: The choices work helps us understand what it is we are showing up for daily as we manifest our reality. Tide of power and card for the year: These are two interesting things you will be given on your first journey with me.
  • Weekly I give you resources to use and work with. These include titles, articles and podcasts.
  • All people I walk with get access to the crystal seed network, my personal network that is growing daily and has already some of the most spectacular people I’ve ever met engaged within it.

This special month can be life-changing and at any given time you are given priority to join the lunar trip group when space becomes available.

This work is priceless and it will be a month you will remember. Please bare in mind that you are welcome to fund another person for this work. I take regular donations from past participants who believe this work is valuable for all people. Please, if you have the capacity and you understand the value of doing spiritual work, consider becoming a sponsor.

Payment for the lunar trip works in a folds system of appreciation and value. You are invited to pay whatever you think this will be worth for you and at the end of the month, you are invited to amend that payment, either up or down. Your participation is what brings the most value, so self-responsibility is at the heart of this work.

Payment for the guided journey starts at $1395 nzd for the whole month. Participants are invited to increase that amount or ask for a partial refund of up to 50% of the initial cost at the end of the month. This is your insurance of top quality and commitment.

Payment for one Tarot reading is $240. Please allow 2 hours with me, plus integration time. Booking 5 sessions at a time show your commitment and to honour that I offer 5 sessions for $1040. These must be used 6 months from purchase. (This is a $160 saving) It is the cheapest way to get my mentoring at the present.

Invitation to find out more and apply here.


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