Aquarius anointing oil

Aquarius anointing Oil –‘Alchemy, Transformation and deep-seated change’

This is a once in a life time oil

Aquarius new moon – Aquarius sun – Water Dragon new year.

Aquarius wont have this beautiful seed potential for another 165 years

An alluring Lavender based oil, infused with the power of amethyst, clear quartz and garnets this oil has a pine fresh aroma with a touch of musk around the edges.  I have infused it to the highest potential of the Aquarius new moon.  The seed of potential for humanity.  One more time.  THE SEED OF POTENTIAL FOR HUMANITY.  This will be a brilliant oil for consecrating your vision and role in the changes humanity need to go through in order to balance and restore natural order.

This is an oil of VISION, encouraging intimacy and empathy.  This timeless oil is created with a softness that all aqarians tend to need to refine.  So it is also very good for people that want to allow others in to their lives and BREAKDOWN barriers in relationships.

Becoming aware of consequences of your decisions. Cultivate your opinion, spread your vision. At the end of the day, all is about your Choice.

Aquarius teaches that change and innovation doesn’t have to be frightening – that transformation and personal growth fulfill our soul’s longing for purpose and connection to our higher selves and a life that is far beyond what we can conceive of today.

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