Bath salts – ‘The healers salts – Chiron’

 These are the salts for the healers. Many people are awakening to their talents as healers.  Chiron is an amazing figure for healers to connect with, in mythology he was ‘the wounded healer’ which spaks very loudly to me, many healers use their craft to cure themselves and then take this knowledge to others.  These are the people Ive created these organic and wildcrafted salts for.  The healer who deserves nuture.

Borage, Rosemary, Cornflowers, New Zealand Sea Salt, Himalayan rock salt and epsom salts.

Aged for one full moon cycle with the energies of New Zealand Pounamu, lead crystal and river stones, these stones are the essence of heart energy and the cleansing spirit of the beautiful south island of Aotearoa.


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