You have a purpose.

DSC_6741Clearing out the old and weaving the new story.  Spider dream weaver is the mistress of consciously creating reality, where can she be found? In your story, the wonderful story you tell yourself as you weave your reality into something new, fresh and stable.

If life sucks it doesn’t have too, in fact it’s not meant to be that way even in the slightest. Your life is a dance of cosmic energies as spirit has a physical experience.  If you ask yourself any ‘deep’ question understand it is your soul trying to reach through the crap and remind you of why your here.  But as long as you keep the channel switch to the dull and lifeless percepetion of the mundane then this is what you will get.

Its time to weave a new reality.  Its time to sing a new song. The song you were born to sing.

See services page. SOUL CONNECTION



SOUL JOURNEY’S – Healing through the Shamanic story. The way to retrieve parts of you soul lost to Trauma, Love or circumstance.  Take a shamanic journey into the healing realms of your psyche.

SOUL SONG – Tell the story of your soul then connect to the purpose of spirit.  This work is complimentary to the SOUL JOURNEY and is a beautiful way to weave back the magic into your life.

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