The Copper Dragon

The Copper Dragon is a field of consciousness. A collection of ancient and future wisdom.  This field grows and adapts as the universe expands, yet it is constant to the fundamentals which govern all things.  The Copper dragon is open to and affected by Anneliese Kuegler, one of the guardians of this knowledge.  She has called it thus, though it has many names.  The lineage she holds is guarded and protected by three dragons born from this manifestation, each with a role to play in affecting global transmutation on various timelines.

Anneliese Kuegler

Has been making potions since she was a child, Honouring a genetic memory of the druidic and Wiccan lineage.  She also has standings and alignments which move beyond current timelines and spacial definitions.

Multi-skilled as a practitioner of MANY modalities Anneliese aligns primarily all her practices with the consciousness of Gaia.  A relationship to self, the soul of our planet and the spirit of all things is the backbone of her work.

“All my ‘magic’ potions are set with LOVE and the highest vibration attainable to me AND OUR BELOVED PLANET  at the time.  My medicinal oils and salts are matured and organic where possible.  Almost 100 per cent of the herbs used are wildcrafted from around my home in the pure and beautiful Waitakere ranges or grown by myself in my organic veggie garden.

I use the phases of the moon to support the energetic blueprint of each ‘potion’.  I also use crystals as allies for enhancing the purpose.”  Anneliese offers journey work to those drawn to her assistance.  This is an ongoing way to seal in the actuality of the highest potential.  It is a way to be seen, witnessed and held to account for who you really are. She is a Tarot master and offers insightful settings at the Copper Dragon workshop In Langholm.

“Anneliese Kuegler is the most magical woman I know when it comes to oils and potions. The spray that I have is divine, when I spray I am in the woods, in the roots of trees, in the leaves! Her work transports you, and it works! “Come to Me” anointing oil… works!”   Jackie Pope (co-creator of Wyrd Sisters, a magic shop)


Anneliese Kuegler

“Thank you for that.  It’s a perfect ‘take away’ document 

That really was such a profound session – I didn’t even know what it was you did when I approached you, but I see you were the *perfect* person for me to approach for help on this next stage of my journey… I didn’t need (more) healing, I didn’t need (more) talking through…I needed to come into better alignment with my true self/soul/the divine/God and I was struggling to do that.  I feel so much more powerful now that I’m not….conflicted and split (between ego and soul).  My next task is to learn to increasingly hold this alignment…

Looking forward to our next session!” Sarah F