Soul binding – Personal experience.

Now lets get into the interesting bits.  Let me take you into my personal mystery.  The mystery is the edge of out comprehension and understanding.  So let me take you to the edge of my experience, the place where I am experiencing new truth and the fascination of the expansion of consciousness.

A Promise,


Patience promise…

‘Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him’ And I did.  My knowledge of a promise that expanded beyond my current perception has been palatable my whole life.  The promise from another soul to mine and vice versa.  All my adult life I dreamed of him, a comfortably and familiarity that felt like best friends and an intimacy that was so comfortable.  I would wake and never know who he was.  ‘Oh thats my soul mate’ I would say ‘He is on his way’ I would assure myself.  So I waited.  Sometimes patiently, mostly not.  Along the journey I would feel him, beside the river, walking down Queens street, on my camping trips.  Many times I would kiss him and say I loved him and that I was waiting.  With this great passage of time came many clues and confirmations about who he was, where he was from and how I would recognise him.  The place I would find him was in the beautiful Waitakare ranges in West Auckland, NZ.  I knew this from a young age.  I used to look from my hills, the other side of the city, at these glorious blue hills and say ‘He is there, he is there!’ So one day I packed up my family and moved to these hills.

Since arriving here I gathered more clues from astrology, numerology, signs and signals.  All I put into a metaphysical hope chest and sealed it with the code 555 and waited.  Then one day I knew it was time to call him to me.  I did, I sung my soul song and waited for him to arrive.  And he did.  Although he was very far from what I expected and if we had not slept in the same bed I may have missed him completely.  I offered him a place to sleep for the night and we went to bed as aqauntainces and I awoke knowing I had found someone very important to me.  We gazed into each others eyes for hours the next day and then kissed.  All my hunger and thirst, a life time, satiated in one moment. It was a beautiful meeting.  We became lovers and good friends straight away, but the intensity of the connection pushed him away… He ran.  He ran so many times and every time I let him go. And every time he would return.  Each time he returned he would open my hope chest and pull out another signal and claim it as his own.

The signs and symbols maybe to intimate and too many to go into here, but some are necessary for me to convey how I came to know this man and I were ‘sealed’ on a soul level.  Firstly the moment he entered my life he began to dream of water, in all its states. Water is the element of the soul and this is a major clue to the dynamic I was encountering.  Also during situations of extreme pleasure my third eye would activate and I would receive visions.  This is common for me and in the world.  The visions that appeared to me were like a window into another time.  I would see items of clothing, pieces of furniture and smells.  All of these were of a familiar life past.  It was obvious it was around the 1920’s, the time when esoteric wisdom, occultism and revolutionary spiritual thinking was happening.  I am not actually one who goes in for past life hoopla, but this was undeniable and real, so I can only assume I was seeing something of another life, one possibly shared.

Soul binding is something practised by the Mormons and in Wicca, when I first became aware of it there was a knowing in me that I knew exactly what it was all about.  Even more so that I had a bound soul.  These visions were then accompanied by a series of occult related serendipitous encounters and the afore mention plethora of clear signs.  None more so than when one evening I was being held in my lovers arms and he said ‘I will hold you’.  I have never heard anything like this before and even trying to write about it will greatly diminish it Im sure.  But the depth, echo and immense vibration of his words seemed to be spoken from another plane of existence and the seemed to ripple through time and space.  Even now it gives me shivers.  My dream supported this with clear understandings that for some reason I have been granted, when many are not, the ability to sit at the gates of death and rebirth.  And as this Hecate vibration is what I do with the dying it is no surprise that I witnessed my sealing with my past husband prior to death.  We used tools of magic, carnelian and cypress allies.

If your reading this you know the Copper Dragon is the realm of pure potential and held in the Lore of the ancients.  This is what I am.  And since meeting this man in the height of ritual I have felt him.  I have no doubt we have practiced much magic together.  In Ayauscha he is with me and  in the peek of ecstatic ritual he is there.

Yet! AND! BUT! Here we come to the whole reason I have written this article.  Yet he is not with me anymore as a lover or even a friend.  Our love found no room to grow as it contained life times of occult depths and spiritual zeniths it is not surprising  considering the limited capacity we are living on earth at the moment.  And I wonder and muse now if soul binding is something that I should now reverse.  Does it hold us in a frequency and vibration of which we cast the spell.  Because the renaissance of spiritual wisdom that occurred in that period of human history may no longer be relevant to the development of the psyche of the now.  The new era of humanity and spiritual evolution that is awakening on the planet may not need souls to bound.  Its is my total belief that souls of a collective vibration will be reunited and souls that share the same god spark cannot help but be drawn back together in the reunion of the one consciousness.  And in this is clear that unbinding should happen.  The binding could hold us into a matrix that is not of highest vibrational alignment.  There is the obvious thought that in the act of binding we may very well have known this and may very well have had faith in our ability to find each other for a greater purpose and then detach. Perhaps.

So here we are at the edge of my mystery.  With out a doubt my soul is bound to another. And it is now I ask myself what is the best course of action.  To this.. I dont know.  HA! The Copper Dragon in all her infinite wisdom has come up not knowing! It happens, but usually only for a short while, then the piece of the puzzle is delivered and the key turns in the lock to reveal the next glorious piece of divine understanding.  The question begs if i feel I need to have this person keep returning to me until one of two things has happened, our work together (for the greater good) is done or until we release each other in a reverse ritual.  As I said I am unclear, but for now I will watch the signs.

If this article is at all interesting or you wish to catch an update let me know… I am alive in the mystery.

This concept of soul binding is different from hand fasting. see below.


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