Soul retrieval


Let me sing to my soul… Let my intention be to call all parts of myself home.  Let my soul return to this body and I be whole once again.

The shamanic practice known as soul retrieval is perhaps the most important level of healing in spirit medicine because once the spiritual-energetic nature of an illness-causing intrusion has been addressed, the cause is still unresolved, namely the tears in the fabric of the sufferer’s soul cluster that allowed the intrusions to enter in the first place.

As long as these empty spaces remain unfilled, there is no guarantee that the intrusions will not reinvade given an opportunity to do so because those holes are like open invitations. But how does the process of soul retrieval actually work?

It is by simply requesting that the alchemy works.  The simple act of calling home pieces of the soul is a powerful action.  I can assist and guide you through this.  Some of you will begin to sing your soul song, others will chant, others will silently feel the pulse of the drum as the energy flows back to you.  How ever you experience the process it will be powerful and it will have lasting effects on your life.

Red Matipo. Soul retrieval essence 


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