The of service in ritual

What it really takes to be of service in ritual

Setting space and holding ground

Ceremony and holding vibration

It is my intention to offer an outline or inspiration on how to be involved in sacred ceremonies.  I hope to inspire the highest degree of integrity in all forms of ritual work, in the hopes of allowing the evolution of consciousness to unfold at an exponential rate.

TRUST: The first thing to connect with when creating ritual is TRUST, trust that you are enough, that your skills, talents and abilities are in perfect alignment with what is necessary.  Also, trust that guidance will arise in the form of knowing and inspiration where and when it is needed.

GIVE; Just open up, let it in and let it out.  Let the flow take you, give it everything, give that idea out, and let the inspiration land on the table for its time in the sun.  Really give it all in the planning stages and then use your trust to know where to pull back and when to fly.

Preparation – Overview

Preparation is key for me in this work.  

-And beyond all preparation, the most important thing anyone can do is CONNECT with the LAND.  Let the land be the first port of call in the co-creative process that is ritual.

-Research.  Know your history.

-It’s very important to stress at this moment that all ritual is CO-Creative.  Separation is an illusion and as soon as one is able to open oneself to the notion that the ceremony is happening ‘through’ us, not because of us, then we can truly understand the power and significance of the ritual.

-Your sacred gift.  Listen to what is living in you, this is what needs a voice in the ritual.  Bring the things which have a resolution, not the messy unfinished parts, bring the things you have lived well, these are the parts that will be of greatest service to the collective vibration.

Connecting with the land, preparation

“My connection with the land is what transcends any human construct, any argument about who should be where and why, are elevated by my pure, raw connection with my mother – Papatuanuku is my mother, my home, she knows me and I her, we are always talking and she is my lore.”

It is my core belief that as humans we have a direct responsibility to re-engage with the Gian matrix, to plug back into the earth’s super consciousness and by doing so we create a pure place for the spirit to land.  I also believe that every ritual owes a debt of gratitude and penance for what we have taken for so long in such an unconscious manner. This is why I encourage all rituals to start with a conversation with the land. Go to the land, remove your shoes and ask ‘How may I serve you’ or ‘Show me’ whatever invocation of vision you choose is fine, just ask the question.  

Then create from this place.  I, we at the Copper Dragon would love to hear your ceremony stories and add them to our own as a documentation of sacred rites in this land, Aotearoa.


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