Saturn oil – Revisited.

Sweet Saturn, my echoes and refinement of pure self.

apologies I do not know the artist of this piece. I offer sincere love to the artist because of the power and beauty I feel when I look at this. Thank you… who ever you are. You’re a clever clogs!

Saturn returns and using the position of Saturn in your natal chart echoes strongly of the simple truth ‘Know thyself’ or Gnothi Seauton Saturn offers us a reflection of who we are and how we have become who we are.  This planet has always been met with hard line Karmic interpretations.  I offer something gentler into the space Saturn occupies.  Firstly lets look at Saturn’s beauty, those rings and colors.  Can this process of reflection be one of immense beauty? Yes.  Karma is not only what we have created that limits us, though that is part of it, it is also what feeds us and grows our true self.

So I offer that perhaps we can look at the use of saturn as a way to refine ourselves through refining the harmonic of our echoes.  When one sings in a harmonically beautiful or resonate place one becomes able to hear the tones created coming back to oneself and then we can refine the sound we are creating to be more harmonious.  This is the gift of Saturn and the analogy I like to offer.  This is a time of refinement, not necessarily hard brutal lessons.


This round of Saturn anointing oil I have used an infused Chamomile  base to hold the precious essential oils.  I did this for two reasons, one because chamomile is a relaxant and speaks to the gentle process and two, because with the correspondence to the sun it offers a degree of illumination to this reflection process.  Let it be seen.

I would also like to say that at this stage I deeply acknowledge the Myhrr tree, our beautiful African and Arabic tree friend.  To harvest this resin, which is used in this blend, the tree is repeatedly wounded and bleed.  Let us use this analogy as well.  We can open the wound of grief and past distress as much as we like, but sometimes this can inhibit the healing process.  I believe in this time we are being asked to chase the illumination of who we are rather than the shadows that have kept our true value hidden.

In this blend one sacred drop is used in ratio with other oils.  This is the last oil to be placed in the blend and it takes patience to wait for the drop to release itself from the bottle.  It is a beautiful process as I believe how I conduct the ritual of making will translate into the ritual of using in the healing and ceremonial practices of my clients.  Some of the oils rush into the blend, like our lessons… And some take quiet still and deep patience until we can receive the full quality of a lesson to land.  Let is be patient.

If you are complimenting your Saturn returns period with this oil remember it has take 29.5 years for Saturn to return, so there is a myriad of experiences, gifts and challenges to reflect upon, this is usually a threeish year period…  Be gentle with the echoes as they come home.

My sincerest love and wishes for a smooth and strengthening process for you dear reader.


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