This is the point of reflection, introspection and retrospection…. So look at things, inside that have led you to this point.  9’s are not always easy, they mark a point on the road where you must be fiercely honest with yourself.  And best believe this honesty won’t be in reflection with a mate over coffee, it will be with yourself in a quiet place of potential self acceptance.  This really is the the key, acceptance.  To accept we need to get that clarity that integration offers us.


My Joy Body has an article about how to do this in the physical through yoga as a practice.  Personally I adore having an embodied experience of integration, it means i don’t have to go into the ‘story’ as much and re traumatize.  That said we must be honest with ourselves and the actions the brought us to this present moment. Please ask any questions about the Yoga article.  It uses Sanskrit terms which can be easily googled to find the pose and english name equivalent.

The Major Acana cards that vibrate with 9  are

The Hermit (IX)

The Moon (XVII)

The majors both allude to the solitary brave journey we must all take.  The call to meditate, start a meditation practice or simply allow time for oneself alone is recommended at this time.  This is the wind down from an intense and obvious process.  It is not the final resting place, but a pause before the triumphant end of this stage (for better or worse, its coming to an end). One thing both these cards have is the moon.  The moon is the symbol of reflection and deep exploration into the subtle, hiding or subconscious parts of self.  With this wisdom of reflection comes the potential for vision, linking all 9’s to a potential visionary aspect.  Remember this is cyclical like the moon, first she reflects, then she wanes into the blackness (void space) of pure creative potential.  This is the vantage point of the retrospective aspects of 9.  There is the potential to understand process and receive new inspiration for the application of knowledge aquired through self study and integration of this current process.  This is honored by the connection the nine has with the Third Eye.

What served your highest good during the past process/ project or engagement.  These are you tools for stepping into the next process/ journey aligned, ready and capable.

What can be detoxed? What did not serve you through the completing project?


9 Wands

(like the 4 of pentacles we are addressing boundaries).  As wands directly deals with creative fire we can use this cards energy of reflection to ask ourselves how we were able to sustain the creative process?  How did we use healthy boundaries to preserve life force and creative fire? Depending on how we receive this stage the reading can be very different.  If we are upright and in our integrity with this stage then boundaries can be healthy and used to support growth.  If the attitude is negative these boundaries can be instigated through pettiness and a cynical attitudes.  Isn’t life like that? Our attitude determines the experience.  

If the journey of fire has been vicious in its illumination of our deficiency of self love, this could indicate the need for boundaries after a betrayal.  Reading any card depends on the story in which the querent is existing.  So if reading for another try to get out as much information about the situation as possible.  This will clarify the specify message of the cards.

In relationship this card speaks to the positive attitude and experience as passion and mutual respect, when received to a negative situation the relationship could be full of pettiness, personal attacks and small minded behavior.  For singles this card augurs a time to reflect upon what has worked in the past and what you would like to vision into the next relationship.  I potent time to be single, use it.

9 Swords

Yes well… The nine of swords.  Far out.  Ok so I remember when this card was in every reading.  I was in my twenties and life was really really hard.  I didn’t have the skills to handle life.  I didn’t know how to mange myself, i was clueless and isolated.  As mentioned before the 9’s are a solitary experience.



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