The anointed – How to use anointing oils.

How do I anoint?

Many times people are attracted to buy my oils, but dont know why or how to use them.

Why is easy, we are all trying to connect in with something that is more profound than the day by day mundanity of life.  The beautiful thing about this is that its there, just under the surface, waiting to be heard.  The Sacred pulse of life is within our bodies, you dont even need to be a spiritual person to understand this, we are a micro cosom of everything there is outside of us.  As a yoga teacher I really cannot emphasis enough the importance of tuning in to the self, finding the spaciousness behind the chattering mind.


1. Choose an oil by intuition, choice or perscription.

2. Tune in, find a quiet moment (if they still exist in your life) sit down and clear the thoughts.

What is there for you? Observe all the physical, mental, emotional and energetic fluctuations.  Let the mind become a tool of observation.

3. Pick up the anointing oil and roll it in your palms, keep eyes closed and see if anything changes or shifts, keep observing.

4. Once oil is warm, uncork and smell deeply, pulling the smell deep into the body. Observe.  Many people report seeing colours, feeling emotions, remembering past events, seeing shapes and so on.  Try to remember what you observed.  Now begins the part when you create the magic yourself.

5. What do you feel drawn to do?  There are hundreds of things you could do, let me list a few.

– Anoint a candle with the intention of attracting or releasing what ever your working on.

– Anoint the body.

– Anoint a piece of paper and write  down your wishes.  Bury, burn or stow.

– Anoint a power object, crystal, wand, bible, statue etc.

– Anoint a ribbon and tie it to a tree or around our writings.

– Anoint your house.  Speak intention into the corners and over the threshold.

– Burn in an oil burner (these are not vibrational tools, so will not cast huge smells out, but why not mix them with your fav)

– Anoint your friend and have ritual.

– Make a spell… (spells are simply making the vibration of intention into form)

-Anoint a kite and send it soaring!!

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