Anointing oil – Saturn

Turning up the volume on the effects of your actions.

This is one of my favourite oils. It has a beautiful earthy fresh aroma. Saturn oil in its high vibration allows you to refine who you are and to connect with your souls contract. In allowing this to happen saturn oil aids in the breaking of old habits and gives us insight into the hearts truest desire. When we understand who we are, what we want and why we are here, then Saturn oil can be used to manifest all that is necessary to achieve ones goals. Saturn is the planet assosiated with karma, which is the sanskrit term for what some call ‘the law of cause and effect’ Karma dictates that one must be free of the effects of ones actions before the soul can be liberated. Karma is the echo returning, once we are able to consciously create our intention and actions, then we become responsible for everything that comes to us in life… And that is a beautiful thing.

Saturn oil assists in:

-Helping find a house

-Finding bargains

-Understanding situations

-Discipline and duty

-Creating an air of mystery

-Breaking negative habits

-Searching out hearts desire …

2017 update. With the fierce loving heart of The Copper Dragon

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