The twin vortices

We all have a force field around us that is held by to vortices, these move and oscillate depending on our needs and intentions. If you have ever seen the ‘star of david’ this is a two dimensional glyph of these spirals. SO one moves in one direction, that is to say it is an out ward spiral, taking all we have into the world, this is the medium our motivation, our gifts, our drive is manifested through. And what we need to fore fill these ambitions are attracted to us on the equal opposite inward spiral. My products have been created on this principal, what we need to attract and what want to give out and be seen. Knowing this you can start working with the magical intention on a whole new level.

There is a natural balance that we can create by working with both spirals at the same time. I had a client ask me today about two oils that did that very thing. Below is part of that message

‘So your interested in fire and attraction oil. Good combination. One works to attract, draw in what is requested, while the other serves to make the flame brighter so people can ‘see’ you more. Its also helpful to know that ‘fire’ attracts, and if you know what your wanting to attract by being very specific you can also burn off that which is attracted but does not serve. ‘

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