Grief Support – Anointing oil

Grief Support – Anointing oil,

What sits underneath most emotions? Grief I think you will find.  Ive made this oil to fully support the journey back to wholeness.  The Base energetic of this amazing oil is forgiveness.  This is a hug in a bottle.  Please understand in my personal journey has revealed there can be generational grief present in the healing process.  Sometimes we have grief without a distinguishable source, this is what I believe to be emotional trauma held in the genetic code.  I also believe we are grieving the abuse of out planet.  Gaia (planet earth) is the incarnation of the divine mother, the perfect half of who we are, its easy to see how this effects us on all levels of consciousness. 

Grief anointing oil can be used as usual in ritual, for candles, the body or any power objects.  But how about anointing photos of your family?  acknowledging even the slightest sensations of grief and source are the keys to begin forgiveness.  And how about forgiving yourself… that sounds like a perfect place to start.  

Grief oil can be used to assist in the rebalancing of life after loss.  Grief oil is the smile that comes after the snot and tears have run there course.

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