Bringing the divine to the mundane – Setting sacred space for ritual

Workshop brought to you by ‘Nurture by Nature’ herbal dispensary, Kuemu.

with guest speaker Anneliese Kuegler – Saturday 17th March 2012
What is ritual?
How does ritual effect our lives?
Who does rituals?

Every space has an energetic pattern naturally about it, this is effected by the shape of the land, how it is exposed to the elements, the flora and fauna that grow in and around it, the events that have happened to it and usually the interaction humans have had with it.
Humans are now being referred to as co-creators, a term that takes the idea that we are created in gods image, are more powerful than we could ever possibly imagine and unites us with the idea of being able to manifest and create on all levels of consciousness.
Every action, every thought, every interaction is an exchange of energy, this energy interacts and effects the space we occupy. This workshop looks at how we can bring awareness and intention into the spaces we occupy, thus consciously creating an energetic blueprint sympathetic to the ideal.

We will learn tools to tune into the energetic body, setting it to respond to the highest vibration of intention attainable to us in an on going process.

We will explore the concepts of sacred and how we can attach this understanding to special times, cosmic happenings and our everyday life.

This workshop will begin at 5pm and goes for 3 hours, come prepared with a blanket, a notebook, a candle of any colour (natural products speak loudest of purity)  and any power images or objects you want.

Please join us for a light dinner after.

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