A poem given to the lady of the lake


Reading our paths, palms, and faces
Speaking of hope, friendships, and graces
Drawing our moments through crystal gazing
Our thoughts, feelings, even destinies we’re fated

There’s always a choice, you’ll carefully say
The futures uncertain, it’s ours to play
All that’s offered, are decisions to be made
Potentials, possibilities, of which there’s an endless array

Your sense of emotion, so subtle, pure
Intelligence beyond, logic’s demure
Unraveling those things, which have kept us apart
Like forgetting to listen and trust in our heart

An Angel in waiting, singing of Eden
Your ecstatic choir, echoing …resonating!
Gifting the Earth with such replenishing song
Remind us of a Love …..‘Witch’, we all have so longed!

…David Hoyne

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