first quarter – Palmerosa ( a closing ceremony)

Tonight i farewell the ‘elfshood’ orchid essence that I have been dieting in my journey working with first light flower essences. I am burning a yellow candle (it prob should be green as elshood represnts the upgrading of the etheric heart chakra- but hey)

Tonight is also the first quarter moon and it is so lovely to have a special moon celebration available every week.  It is also lovely to watch the new moon and pull ideas out of the abyss ready for planting.  I have planted many wonderful seeds in the last week, many attaining to the soul song work i have been doing.

Life is so magic and beautiful and to those of you not feeling, hang in there! The key as I see it is to not be attached to the good or bad times.  Not to be disappointed when there is little energy for life or too hopeful that the good times are here forever when they arrive.  The good and bad arrive, just surf the tides and see beyond the veil, thats all you have to do, peace comes with knowing nothing stays the same.

For those of you interested in the studies I’m doing, check out the below link. Im doing the rights of the 6 moons. It’s totally fab.


restore2.jpg restoring the etheric heart

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