Grasping the Nettle.

Magic is the air… And the message for the southern hemisphere is this.

‘ Do not push spring, act when it is timely, fold away winter in a gentle process’

Spring has sprung in Aotearoa and lots of wonderful things are beginning, we feel the urge to move and grow but it is urged we do this in a gentle process, let go and let god! I have been doing lots of harvesting in the last week.  As it is time for me to sow my summer vege’s I have been weeding the garden, aside from a few peskies this has been a lovely process as it is a harvest as well as a purge.  Dock roots, Tobacco leaf and Plantain are the power plants Ive been gathering.  I harvest in a gentle way, not taking too much, just enough… And as always I wonder and send the prayer to the persons who will be benefiting from these gatherings, I love how the right herbs and magic are given to me for the right person.  The Copper Dragon is finding its roots in the big world and I am very grateful to all who have been a part of the process. 

Enjoy the gifts of the day

“spring has sprung in my heart…” 

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