Anointing Oil – Love

Love Oil, This is the base and staple of all the oils i create.  It was made in a very clear space of understanding that love is the only objective worth striving for.  Use this oil to invoke the opening of self to the source of love, a perfect preparation for any ritual.  It can be used for family and great for children. It can be used to anoint children’s bed and children themselves (nice after a bath), it creates a nice opportunity to talk to children about Love and Magic.  Also useful in Love rituals, anything that celebrates the love you share with your beloved.  That said this is not only for the ones who have been reunited with their beloved and have families,  this can be used to pour love into the self, to clear away anything that inhibits free flowing movement toward your beloved. This oil works very well with Attraction Oil aka ‘Come see me’ Oil. I have made this blessed spell, please use. Beloved Spell.

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