Scorpio Full moon

hmmmm this old chestnut.  this is the biggest moon of my recent years.  ‘Death in the Maiden’.  i have meet people on this moon, shaved my long hair off on this moon, watched others transform and just generally have noticed big shifts.  My Yoga class this week falls directly on this Full and intense moon, with a focus on Yeilding it will be interesting to see what manifests and comes up for immediate jettison.  What a glory.  i will keep this post active over the next few days to allow commentry to bulid.



Scorpio Herbs

SCORPIO Moon is best for irrigation and vine growth. Scorpio herbs balance hormones and regulate menstrual flow, sooth the colon, and aid in regularity and elimination.

Black or blue cohosh has been used for centuries to treat menstrual and childbirth pain. Combined with wild cherry bark, yerba santa, or elecampane, it can aid bronchitis symptoms. Be very careful to follow directions on the label as an overdose can produce nausea and vomiting.

Aloe vera regulates the bowels and has a laxative effect, cleaning the liver and kidneys. The gel used externally quickly treats burns, skin rashes and cuts.

Dong Quai root is a general tonic for menstrual cramps, irregular cycles, and menopause, relieving insomnia, hypertension and cramps, and blood purifier, warming the circulation for both genders.

Ginseng provides energy and rejuvenation to the body, reducing blood sugar levels, reducing blood cholesterol but since it supplies heat it should not be used with fevers.

Additional Scorpio herbs include squawvine, senna, false unicorn, saw palmetto, cascara sagrada, and cramp bark.

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