The high Priestess

Shi is, I am.

The high priestess is the mouth piece for the goddess.  She must purify herself to be the living conduit. All lore comes to her in the form subtle impulses.  Tune in, the goddess awaits to speak to you.  She is the one who knows how to interpret the signs, how to use the architects design to create a deeper possibility of harmony…


the High pRiesteSS

it is no nice to see her again.  I choose this card because I think it less complicated than most and this is how I feel when I receive this card.  She turns up when your in tune.  There was a time when I could call her from any deck, hopefully those days are back.  Receptive. Withdrawing from involvement and tuning into the inner voice. Seeing what is on the inside, hidden talents and opening to the future.

See what is behind the current events. Finding what you want.

She is in my world to offer me the recipes for bath salts and rune stones I make.  I am being shown in this time what things I can make to keep my life in the mode I want. Simple.

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