The Queen of Wands,

I found this image at on a web site dedicated to the tarot art this woman has done, she is very much a queen of wands. Please check her out (see comments)

The Queen needs an out let for her creative energies!

ueens, the emphasis is on your inner state. The Queen of Wands is not a real, many-sided person, but she does express an ideal of a certain type. In readings, she asks you to think and feel as she does. For example: Do you feel attractive? Do you believe in yourself? Are you full of energy? Can you shake off the blues?

The Queen of discs


The Queen of Discs

Body memory, body knowledge.  The holy tripic is Body, mind and spirit.  All interconected of course and no one knows this better than her highness.  She is the host and the loving mama.

Today she reminds me of the need for gentle exercise and hard out exercise too.  Its time to blow away the cobwebs and move more.

Behold the pussy cat and the bunny… perfect balance

Queen of sword

The Queen,

Inward focus, she is clam astute and a good communicator.  She tells me to be in the world, enjoy the moments.  We are experienced and truthful.

The past is gone and the future looks uncertain, but you don’t want to be faithless or fearful. You want to be at peace with yourself or your predicament and for your incentive to be restored. Emptiness is a necessary vacuum. A cup that is already full has no room for more.

You need to be independent. Empathy may distract you. Think with your head, not with your heart. Devote your full attention and concentration to your situation or the volume of information will overwhelm you. Tell it like it is.

Seek out this high truth now. The roles we have constructed…

I am mother, partner, daughter, but thats not who I am.

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