Princess / Page

The Princess or Page.  (element Earth)

Renewal or beginning.  The bringing of a message (be on the alert for how it comes maybe abstract, look to the suit for clues as to how it may come)

A young person  in this court card journey, not yet realized, but young enough to still hear magic and receive messages from the universe.

On the inner this card is about releasing your fears and living your truth, thus are the essence of transition, and they can tell us how to smoothly move through changes.

These cards can represent an actual child, but can also be the symbol for the apprentice or student.  This is an excitable, even immature  stage when mistakes are easily made.

Princess of Wands

11_wands_princessThe Princess,

Fire and transformation

The wands lends it self to structures, she is breaking down that which no longer works, looking fear in the eye and breaking on through to the other side.  changing the habits.

Think of the traditional qualities of the personified tiger and you have her. Loyal, strong, self reliant.

Action; Take the fear or limited habit and work it out, look at it and get through it.  The highest action will always win out in its basis in truth and love.

Princess of Pentacles


Princess of Pentacles. I am, she is, together we make beautiful music.  The tides and cycles of nature are her domain.  Happy at home, in her garden, breathing, touching, dancing the ‘lila rasa’ – the cosmic dance of life.  Her body the barometer of action and stillness.  She knows how to make her plans take form, when to act and when to be still.

Page Of Cups


Like the  other Pages in all the suits,he represents some sort of renewal or beginning.

Emotion, creativity are the content of a new endevour.  This is a new way to look at a difficult problem.  The fish, the all loving Christ conciounce is reminding you of your truest nature. OI WAKE UP! remember to laugh at the cosmic joke…

Inspiration out of the blue!

This is the childs card.  JOY!

Pay heed to dreams and remember to much emotion clouds affairs and makes Peter Pan forget never land! But children also have very specific emotional needs

In the page of cups we meet the changeable, vulnerable, gentle beginnings of the element of water: the nascent emergence of the capacity to feel.  This is embodied in the mythic figure of Narcissus, who fell in love with his own reflection in the water.

Page Of Swords

The primitive stages of independent mental activity.

In the immature stages of understanding ones own mind there is the playful exercise of the powers of thought and speech before any feeling of values or ethical codes intervene to shape and direct mental activity.

Gossip and the power of words come into the rehlm of the Princess – PAge of swords.  Watch your words.  As these cards support fears and living your truth,and embody the essence of transition they can tell us how to smoothly move through changes, so LOOK at what does not work in your personal thought forms, cast them aside and concentrate on the words and thoughts that promote growth.

“I have child like enthusiasm to new ideas, defeating depression and negative thoughts to make a fresh start.”  by Luci Johnson

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