The Ace


The Aces are the spark,

They are the seed of the suit they describe and reflect the brightest, highest energies of their element. Each ace  rolls out the red carpet for their suit – an introduction for the players on the stage of life within their specified realm.

The aces are both high and low, they represent both the beginning of something and the end.  The seed holds a tree as the tree holds the seed.  As pointed out to me in ‘the witches tarot’ The difference between 1 and 10 is zero, that is naught, nothing.

“That which is created is not manifest, but has become possible.” E C Reed

aCe of peNtaCLes



ACE of DiskS

My favourite card and my maybe even my favorite ACE.  The greens and gold of this card talk to me of pure heart – mind integration.  Also the ‘being of the heart’.  Gold is the colour of bounty and green is zero (and in the heart chakra neutral)  So in regards to gains and material wealth one must understand the path also of the unconditional heart.

The ACE heralds a seed of something major.  Its either a new job or creative endeavor or it relates to a path of connection to the earth or the physical existence.  It can signify a windfall, but it is usually a big one if the ACE is the signifier. It can also signify a journey into the mastery of physicality.  We have bodies as an instrument, the more we play this thing of beauty, the more refined the song. Dance, Stretch, Run.

What ever this card means to you or me it is definitely time to touch magical mother Gaia and tell her your still with her.  Walk with out shoes, hug a tree, talk to the wind.






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