8 Cups

The Tarot of Dreams by Ciro Marchetti

8 of Cups,

The intellect of Water.  When the head and the heart know it is time to move away from a stagnant relationship.  Thus is the 8 of cups.  This is usually and emotional time, but there is the ability to use logic to calm the seas and to head up and out of this quagmire.

Usually this card suggests an imbalance in a relationship where the other party is unable to meet on equal terms.  A great deal of thought is need to asses the reality of staying or leaving.

Also Instead of trying to solve the relationship, how about working on the self? indeed because we can only change our self.

8 of WandS


8 Of WandS – ‘Sassafras’ (herb)

Hmmm the eight of wands seems steeped in opposite interpretations.  It always seems to have the element of forceful direction, movement, speech etc.  But also as this card shows it councils a time to rest and let the storm pass by.

I have heard it described as the ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’  card, which is an awesome way to see it.  Stop – Everything is happening very quickly of its own volition, so step out of it. Drop – inside, journey deep into oneself as an enquiry to see how the movement, which you inevitably have started, is going and the Roll – on with a cleared perspective and understanding.

8 waNds

paulina_8wandsEight wAnds

The Lord of Swiftness is a bright active card which comes up to mark periods of rapid, clear progress. This card will often represent the type of cathartic discussion which resolves misunderstanding and ends confusion. When passing through an event which is sign-posted by the 8 of Wands, there’s often a feeling of quick-moving energy, and a sense that obstacles are being swept out of your path.

There’s an important aspect of this card that is often overlooked – its spiritual interpretation. It can indicate the kind of direct divine instructions that causes a complete transformation – like a bolt of celestial power striking and infusing you. It provokes a sudden opening of the ways, a new level of understanding and spiritual expansion.

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