Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards) by Heidi Darras and Barbara Moore

Your next cycle is represented with the 7 of cups. This says that you have an abundance options. However, the consequences of those options might be obscure to you. In other words, you are in a position where you are unsure of what your choices might lead to. However, whether or not you see them, you do indeed have many choices. Some of your options and available resources are not obvious to you.  There is an idea present here that one choice is supreme to the others, by listening to dreams, serendipity, visions etc you will be able to find out which one is the most important for you to choose,.  If you follow this highest calling then the energy you put into it will spill into the other areas that have been so appealing.

Being that this is a decision made in the emotional body it could be a good idea to access it through movement and the physical.  Dance or Yoga?  Do a yoga class and see what you feel like after the class, usually the best road to follow will be obvious after moving through and opening the body.

7 pentacles 



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