Fours are stability, weight, direction and foundation.  Safety in structure, whether creating magical ritual space, a mediation cave, a haven for creativity or structure of practice already created.  The 4’s are the inward drawing circle, drawing energy into oneself rather than pushing out (This is true of 5’s and 6’s).

4 cupsim sorry i dont know where this image came from, but i honour it in choosing it. thankyou

Gratitude card, its a really difficult card to read, because it depends how for into the journey a soul is, if far along it can suggest the predicament is like the story of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, contemplating the state of the Universe and unwilling to rise until he has reached the Truth.  Or it can be a rather different perspective that you need to nourish what you do have before you can receive the next blessing.  Either way it is, like all the ours a card of stillness and inner reflection.

Sometimes we feel like we are not connecting properly to the world around us, and that can be a difficult, lonely feeling.

I choose this image, because she holds a mighty mighty vision and she needs to be still for it to take cohesive form, the person who receives this card is average or shallow.

Dissatisfaction, boredom

4 swords

6a00d83452a49969e200e54f4e87788834-800wiSometimes we feel like we are not connecting properly to the world around us, and that can be a difficult, lonely feeling.four of swords

I used this image from mother peace because it talks so much to me.  It is time to make your safe silence, let all conflicts be of there own source.  Tune into your own soul, myself whilst protecting your being.  Time to connect to the higher vibration found in the silent part of yourself.



Making plans

4  Pentacles


4 oF Pentacles

Completion, rest and ease… Releasing and tuning into the now (Inner Sanctuary)

This card is the ‘pretty successful‘ card,  and i dont really want it to change. So as the wholeness of this card develops there is a tendancy to hold onto and be ridgid to what we have obtained.  This beautiful card reminds us to ‘live and let god’, because fear of change is useless and can block progress.  It also can be the ‘selfish to get selfless’ card.  Taking time to gather resources and strength before starting the new course of action.

It’s like hugging your kid on the first day of school. You know you have to let go, but first you  need to let him know you love him sooo much and you need to feel safe that your place in the universe is his mum. You will let go and you do, not after you’ve filled your being with the stillness and smell of that preciousness.

On further looking at this card it seems to have less obstenance than first observed, but more a need to retreat away from external influences so the inner voice can be listened too.  In the motherpeace tarot which is my primary deck at the moment there are four key tasks to spiritual growth

1 the spiral into the centre of self (the waning moon, a time of  reflection)

2 a magical flight into the heavenly rehlms (imagination and visioning as part of co-creating the new world)

3 Going in and coming out will become rhythmic (lunar and all nature) Here is a link to one of the most rhythmically minded humans there has ever been, his work is amazing and worth investigating, esp if you have children  RUDOLF STEINER

4 Integration This is a link to my understanding of this priciple attaining to the practice of YOGA

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