Three of Staves

Thrice we meet the three faces of creativity.

Any three I automatically know Im going to hear something true about myself and my expression.  The Three of wands is about clarity and the understanding of needs and strengths.  Fear has no place here, just assurance that you have what it takes.


3 oF Pentacles

How lovely to bring you the three pentacles. A very good friend keeps pulling this card and its obvious why.  This is the ‘plan ahead’ card.  Its great, the ground work is done and now its time to look ahead and make those plans. Organise all aspects and Be prepared.

All good plans take into consideration the team, so this card also indicates the need get the right person for the job or the right job for the person.  The unit must function together to get the job done.  Co Operation is the key.

This card represents some one who is on top of their game, they have proved time and time again they have what it takes, so now the question remains ‘What do you want and how are you going to get and whom will use rely on’

You will be way more productive as part of a team.

Creativity is in this plan, action and moment, to be creative the three becomes the true whole source of the creative genius, that is body mind and spirit.  It is in creativity we find our contract and should not all work we do be the work of the souls purpose?


Gentian.  (YelloW)

Used in the treatment of chronic fatigue.  It is one of the best strengtheners of the human system and is excellent to use with a purgative herb or process. It is a bitter herb.

three of Swords


3 of Swords,

this is the card of emotional struggle and animosity.

How cruel to dance in the glory of the sun, then begin the phase of judgements completion and promise of rejuvenation only to be struck with not one sword to the heart but three.

This card seems the clearest cut from the deck, but no no its not.  Three is a whole perfect number, completion.  It is also the sign of communication.  Swords, mind, air, struggle etc.   So inability to express matters of the heart.

There is also the lack of self belief to be able to move forward.

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