– Soul Connection Therapies


SOUL JOURNEY’S – Healing through the Shamanic story. The way to retrieve parts of your soul lost to Trauma, Love or circumstance.  Take a shamanic journey into the healing realms of your psyche. This is gentle and profound.  Sessions can be singular or we can uncover a system of guided tours into the psyche of self, unveiling, uncovering and realising the the totality of self.  These are done in a quiet and safe environment.  Your body is held in a restorative posture and with eyes closed we journey together.  This is deep medicine.




SOUL SONG – Tell the story of your soul then connect to the purpose of spirit.  This work is complimentary to the SOUL JOURNEY and is a beautiful way to weave back the magic into your life.  Let us bring the words of power into the space of creation.  Using tone and utterance to share who you are with the spirit of the world.  Be seen and be held.

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