– Ritual Services

How do we really acknowledge the growth of our soul? How do we acknowledge the passage into man or womanhood?  How do we consciously create our reality in a way the universe will respond to? How do we marry?  How do we bring a childs life into this world? HOw do we celebrate in a way that means something?


Ritual is the celebration of the rights of passage so often passed over in this day and age.  Ritual is the conscious action to stamp an energetic marker in the earths current time and space frequency… yes yes there are other dimensions, planets, time streams, but here now in this thirsty second is where the juice is.  It is my mission to assist this planet and her people in the transitional period from the KALi Yuga into the new age of peace.  How?


Shed the cloaks our for-parents gave us*.  The ones that hide our splendor, the true magnificence of our bloodline is in our energetic and cellular matrix.  In other words let go of social conditioning and be reborn, but dont let that rebirth be lost in the noise of a dying social paradigm, celebrate these deaths and rebirths. How?


In my work I have made it my life’s mission to seek that which has spirit and celebrate it.  Also to find that which has lost its spirit and to revive.  The joy I have for life and the sacredness I feel for it is why I celebrate it.  Ritual is what I do and it is my gift for you.  If you want to learn, celebrate something special or just engage with the pulse of your splendid planet as she sits amongst the splendid stars. Contact me.

* Yes ritual is also a beautiful way to celebrate the cloaks we have been passed down that enable us to become invisable or walk amongst the dead.  By no means cast off the gifts you have, instead once you have found what they are whisper them to a circle and let that circle whisper them back, let ritual empower your full expression.

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