Price list

Anointing oils

Tarot anointing oils $30each – 2 for $50 -5 for $100 These are corresponding with the major Acana.  They are designed to support and nuture the journey of awakening.  For those truly wanting to understand oneself and use the wisdom of the tarot for clarity, self knowledge and manifesting the highest possible reality.

Tarot anointing oils

Energetic Anointing

‘Aquarius’anointing oil – 5ml – $40 -atomiser $48.00

FIRE’  anointing oil – 5ml -$20 -atomiser $28.00

‘Healing’ – anointing oil – 5ml $20 -atomiser $28.00

‘Hecate’ – anointing oil – 5ml $20 -atomiser $28.00

‘Business Success’ – anointing oil – 5ml $20 -atomiser $28.00

‘Come see me’ – anointing oil – 5ml $20 -atomiser $28.00

‘Saturn’ – anointing oil – 5ml $20 and 10ml $29 / atomiser $28.00


Bath Salts – 

Bath salts are seasonal and subject to change, please feel free to contact me for a current list of salts available.

Large jars $44.50

Packets $24

On location bath salts are sold by the scoop and range from $2 upward

Herbal scrubs

75ml ultimate purifying scrub  $77.00

(Hoehere, Calendula and Chamomile with our special wild crated infused oils and New Zealand Sea Salt)

Medicinal Oils

100ml Calendula oil $18

100ml Plantain oil  $16


Handcrafted and energetic hydrosols $17 – $52

Single batchs to order $48 upwards


Payments can be made by direct debit to

kiwibank account

A S Kuegler 38-9009-0124692-00



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